Literacy Program

The Latino Family Literacy Program is a family reading program designed to establish family reading routines for Spanish-speaking and English-speaking parents and their children at their school site. The program offers quality bilingual books (English/Spanish), English-language development, vocabulary review, and an engaging curriculum to promote a focus on family literacy. The program encourages parents to read with their children to enhance their reading and language skills, reflects the experiences of Latino families, and is centered around universal themes.

We believe the partnership between the home and the school is an important part of each student’s success, and “The Latino Family Literacy Project" offers us a way to continue this initiative.

For the last two years, we have had to adapt this workshop to a virtual setting and the response from our families was wonderful.  Parents really engaged in the activities. Conway, Rock Springs, and North Broadway schools worked together for 10 weeks having an average of 15-20 participants in each session. 

At our graduation event families shared their favorite books.