Final Answer? Now Prove It!

posted Nov 4, 2013, 2:22 PM by Jason Hoff
"Raise your hand when you get the answer."  Do you remember when our teachers would ask us to do this? That was easy. How about, "Keep your hand in the air, and now I'd like you to explain your thinking that helped you get to the answer." That's the difference between yesterday's schools and 21st century schools like North Broadway. We're asking students to "prove" how they got the answer. Not only does this help students explain their thinking, but it takes the learning experience to an advanced level of synthesis, analysis, creativity, and critical thinking. The best part? Our students can do it. That's right. Our students are capable of solving problems and justifying their answers at levels previously thought impossible at this age. Go ahead and ask them. You'll be surprised when they "Prove It!" :)